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Unusual behavior in 2011 Tremoctopus (blanket octopus) video

octopus's food

Hi guys, how's everyone doing?

I'm from Singapore and i would like to keep an octopus as a pet. i'm starting my research and planning phase and hopefully i can get it done in 2 months time.

i have some queries regarding feeding the octopus. i know octopus are marine creatures and their diet consist mainly of crustaceans and molluscs. my question is is it ok to feed them freshwater crabs...

GPO Aquarists Wanted for University Study


I'm new to the forum so I hope this is in the right place!

I'm currently completing my 3rd year at university and I'm doing a research project regarding Giant Pacific Octopuses and how diet and environmental factors increase or slow their growth. I've emailed many aquariums across the UK, USA and Canada, however I have struggled to successfully get through to the right people and my...

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