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It's easy to get a 250x250 ad space on TONMO

Want to reach a bunch of cephalopod enthusiasts with a 250x250 pixel advertisement? Sure you do. TONMO can help! We are a community of people from around the world who are passionate about cephalopods, and we attract a large audience. Just contact me at, or if you're logged in, send me a PM, and we'll get you started. Details:

Google Adsense now supports a Direct advertising model. This means you and I can coordinate to have your own 250x250 ad show up on our site as depicted in the yellow box in the image below ($25 for 5,000 impressions per month). This ad slot appears on the TONMO Homepage, throughout all of our Forums and Articles pages, and throughout all of our Gallery pages (except on the direct image pages themselves). Other pages on TONMO are also included (e.g., the Members menu). Also note that this ad slot does not display for TONMO Supporters when they are logged in.


The great thing about an Adsense Direct campaign is that you'll be able to get reports right from Google on the effectiveness and reach of the campaign.

Contact Tony Morelli (, or if you're logged in, send me a PM) with any questions or to place an order. Thanks!

-- Tony Morelli, Webmaster, -
Jan 21, 2014
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