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It's easy to get a 250x250 ad space on TONMO

Have a product or service to sell, and want to reach a bunch of cephalopod enthusiasts as prospective buyers? Sure you do. TONMO can help! We are a community of people from around the world who are passionate about cephalopods, and we attract a large audience.

Google Adsense now supports a Direct advertising model. This means you and I can coordinate to have your own ad show up on our site, in any of the designated slots. Since TONMO is a responsive site, the ad sizes will vary depending on whether you are viewing on a mobile phone vs. desktop computer. Regardless of the ad slot, the cost is $25 for 5,000 impressions per month. Note that ads are suppressed for our TONMO Supporters.

Contact Tony Morelli (, or if you're logged in, send me a PM) with any questions or to place an order. Thanks!

-- Tony Morelli, Webmaster, -
Jan 21, 2014
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