1. OctopusChan

    [Octopus]: vulgaris

    I had received my oct and kept them for two days. Today I cut a mantis shrimp to half to feed them,the male one ate only a part and the female one took all. There are still a problem:the female one get hurt on the back of mantle(skin is not cover ),I can see she is sensitive about the wound,but...
  2. sirreal

    [Octopus]: Intro Casper - O. vulgaris

    Hello all. Its been some time since I have been around. Lots of things changed for me in the past year but not my love for all octopus. Casper was found in a shell by a friend of mine. I am 99% sure its a Merc. Very different then all my other mercs. I know the first couple of weeks they can...