1. O rubescens web cast 5 29 2018.jpg

    O rubescens web cast 5 29 2018.jpg

    Octopus rubescens web casting to trap and catch a shrimp. Notice how the the arm tips are positioned to block the openings in the web. Roy
  2. tonmo

    Major Forum Upgrade

    Our regular visitors will notice that we've implemented a major software upgrade today! Too many features to list right now (but have a look here if you're into it), and still much work to do. Please stand by while dust settles, and certain optimizations / restorations are made... but the...
  3. tonmo

    Newsletter #170 -- *2H 2017 UPDATE*

    Our latest email Newsletter has been sent, and is pasted below. This newsletter goes to all registered TONMO members who have visited our site in the past 5 years, and have not opted out of receiving emails from the administrator. I try to send a newsletter once every quarter (3 months), but...
  4. tonmo

    Subtle change to the homepage...

    Minor update, but it just makes more sense. Note, some more substantial changes might be expected by end of year as the forum software gets updated. I'll keep you posted!
  5. tonmo

    A bit of site downtime...

    At some point between now and Monday. Gonna upgrade the underlying platform a bit for better performance. Apologies in advance for any disruption to your cephy day!

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