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A Mother's Day Reflection
By Tony Morelli

As we know, next to our own moms (who are indeed the very best), octopus moms are among the most selfless in the universe. My sister and her husband made a trip to Portugal this past week, and were able to visit the Lisbon Oceanarium, which is Europe's largest aquarium. While there they observed what they believed to be an expectant mother octopus. My brother-in-law jotted down some notes from the display so they could be shared with the TONMO.com community. The display reads as such:

Pacific Common Octopus

Octopus Dolfleini
Also known as the giant octopus, this cephalopod lives in the Pacific Ocean from Asia Pacific to California shores. Its arm span can reach to almost 4 meters and it can weigh as much as 60 kilograms. Its maximum life span is believed to be about 5 years. After mating with a mature male, a female may lay up to 100,000 eggs over a period of several days. Eggs are protected and incubated in a den which is often a rocky crevice or sometimes a man made object. The octopus forages at night and preys on crustaceans and mollusks favoring crab and shrimp.

We went on to discuss how octopus eggs reside on "strings" hanging off the ceiling of the octopus mother's den. Mothers are fiercely protective of their eggs, and in fact care for them until they hatch, and then the mother dies. Mothers care for the eggs tirelessly, keeping them clean by "blowing" fresh oxygenated water over them via her siphon and picking them clean with her tentacles. They actually starve themselves caring for...
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