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    Last Day for 1 Buck Pods

    What are Saltwater Plants good For? 1. Macroalgae is great for naturally reducing algae - The MACRO out-competes the MICRO and reduces the food source - in essence starving the MICRO algae. 2. Saltwater Plants are great food source for fish. Fish love to much on Algae like ULVA aka Sea...
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    Happy Thanksgiving - We start the BF Fun Now - Pods - Only $.99

    Happy Thanksgiving - We start the BF Fun Now - Pods - Only $.99 Sweet Deals - Copepods for Sale - Only $.99 for 250 Pods Plus New Corals & Bright Rock Anemones + 50% Off Your Choice! Check Out this Cool Decorator Crab Video
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    Final Day - Copepod Sale @

    Final Day - Copepod Sale @ Copepods are classified as a Carbon Sink - which is defined as an organism that consumes more carbon than it leaves behind - No Carbon Emissions from Copepods Folks!! WIN WIN!! Copepods will improve the health of your tank in the role...
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    Starting the Holiday with Food -- They Want to E.A.T. ....... So Feed 'em

    Starting the Holiday with Food -- They Want to E.A.T. ....... So Feed 'em The All Time Saltwater Fish Food Favorite of most fish is copepods and amphipods. And we have a treat for them!! When You Buy 1000 Pods - we will give you an Extra 1000 Pods for FREE! Our Live Copepods are the Best...
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    Buy 1000 get 1000 FREE -

    Today has the Best deal on Pods - Buy 1000 for $29.99 - Get 1000 for FREE! Our Copepods and Amphipods are the best deal in the country - check out these reviews: On 8.19.2018 - Jason stated: "Even if you don't have any fish that eat Pods you would get these they help with so...
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    Want FREE Stuff? The More You Buy - The More Freebies You Get!

    Awesome FREEBIES at Aquarium Depot – But Be Quick – These FREE Corals, Pods and Crews will not last Long! Check It Out Here – Free Copepods & More
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    Double Point Day at Aquarium Depot

    For EVERY dollar you spend at you earn 10 points! BUT Today is DOUBLE POINT DAY!! That means 20 Points for EVERY dollar spent! This really adds UP - so get in before the end of the day to claim yours! So - We have Macro Algae - starting at only $2.99 Live Saltwater Fish...

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