1. Beyond Extinction:  The Eternal Ocean (Wolfgang Grulke)

    Beyond Extinction: The Eternal Ocean (Wolfgang Grulke)

    With good cause, the past 20 years has seen an explosion of articles, publications and books dealing with the impacts of climate change. Wolfgang Grulke's beautifully illustrated Beyond Extinction: The Eternal Ocean - Climate change & the continuity of life explores the organisms throughout...
  2. octobot

    [Biology & Species] Extinct squid relative entombed in amber for 100 million years

    From Science Mag: Ancient ammonite is one of the first sea creatures found trapped in amber Continue reading...
  3. Allonautilus

    Plans for ammonite diversity illustration

    Hi all, I have plans to make a large illustration showcasing the diversity of ammonoids, possibly along with other shelled cephalopods. Something reminiscent to those 'prehistoric animals' lineup posters common for science classrooms, as seen here...