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just for fun, what is the proper size tank for a giant pacific octopus? It is a dream animal I've always wanted, I definitely don't have the money or the space for one.
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Hi everybody,

My name is Mathieu, I'm an European graduate student in Oceanography, at the Aix-Marseille University (France), who's particularly interested in cephalopod adaptative traits and more generally in marine ecology.
Like all of you, I'm in love with cephalopods, and I wish them to be at the center of my future research works. I'm reading Jennifer A. Mather's "Octopus: The Ocean's Intelligent Invertebrate". If you know some good books or scientific papers, feel free to give me suggestions :)

My academic program includes a six-month traineeship between January and June 2018, so I'm looking to create a contact network to find a lab which might assume me as a trainee!

My fields of interest cover different areas: from marine biology to astrophysics, from photography to acting. I'm also a musician (guitar and voice) and an illustrator artist (I'll show you something later).

I hope this forum will bring me answers and hints for even more questions. And who knows, maybe I'll find some future colleagues :)

Have a nice day!
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I have been looking for caring a common octopus (o vulgaris). What are the care requirements for that specific species and where could you possibly buy one? Thanks.
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