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I decided to go to Target on the slim chance that they would have at least one roll of the octopus wrapping paper several people shared on Facebook. I was SURE our town would not have it but I was going that way :roll: As I walk down the aisle (Xmas paper is in the back of the store) THIS is what I see (photo taken and shared with permission)

I decided it was worth the trip even if I didn't find the wrapping paper. However, after locating the Xmas wrap (with some difficulty and the help of a couple of customers), I didn't immediately spot it and mentioned to two delightful young women also browsing the paper that if they saw an octopus, please let me know. Nonplused, one of them asked, "like this?" They then declared a scavenger hunt and this followed me home :octorun:


To Neal's, "No, you did not HAVE to get it", I responded, "Yes, Yes I DID" :gigas:

May your shopping bring similar smiles.
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Hi everyone, this week i found some deserted baby reef squid less than an inch long. They had gotten washed up in a puddle at New Port Cove Marina and where going to die if i did nothing so I let 3/4 of them go and have now 6 of them in a 30 gallon tank I'm selling 3 of them any one want some? They seem very healthy and eat live brine every day.
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