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Refugiam prep, tank make over, and a new chapter!

I recently acquired a refugium to hang onto the back of my tank. I've been told this is a great way to help balance and keep your tank clean. This is a work in progress as I found out the store I got it from forgot to send me home with a pump to draw water and and through it. This refugiam also has a built in skimmer to it. I was also suggested that I might be able to keep a frogfish in the...

Octopus eggs

My octopus laid eggs in her den about two weeks ago, appear to be the large variety, and she’s been out of the ocean in my tank about 4 weeks before laying eggs. 2 questions: What are chances eggs are fertile? How long before should I expect to see development (eyes?)? Any advice appreciated!

Weird GPO Behavior

Hello Tonmoers!

I am reaching out for a colleague about a weird behavior they have noticed with their GPO. This animal has been seen on the bottom of an exhibit, upside down with arms in the air, writhing along the bottom. I have never seen this behavior as well, so what better place to ask than here! It's happened about 3 times over the last week or so. My colleague is trying to determine if...

Cephalopod Radula under the SEM

Cephalopod Radula under the SEM
an ongoing undergraduate advanced research project 2017-2018 Sam Mejia Evergreen State College
(full paper linked)
In most classes of molluscs, the radula is a specifically unique feeding organ that serves as a grinding mechanism to tear apart food into...

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