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How the Squid Lost its Shell - video

Great PBS Eons video narrated by Hank Green (also of SciShow). Note the reference to @Danna 's Squid Empire

TONMOCON VII Video Archive & Casey Zakroff's Sketchnotes

#tcon7 was an incredible event. (Agenda: TONMOCON VII at MBL, April 6-8, 2018).

Below is a list of videos which have been edited in order to remove downtime / transitions.

  • Audio wasn't always properly configured. While it is all consumable (and the content is amazing), some have better quality than others. You may need to crank up your volume.
  • some video content was not recorded due to switch-over logistics, or app crashing
  • some video content was not recorded by request of the presenter, due to particular...

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