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Hi Everyone!

I'm posting on here again after I received great information months ago on our last Octopus. Our previous one, Octo, never really thrived or are and sadly died after just two months. We got another one some time after. He was bought as a Caribbean octopus. This one has been the complete opposite of Octo. His name is Inky! He has gone above thriving! He's been the perfect Octopus!!

I say he, but my question pertains more towards this one being female. We never were able to identify if there was one leg with no suction cups on the end. Inky's behavior has been the same since we've had him since the end of April. There's been no changes in the tank or tank mates.

Suddenly, the past week, Inky has become obsessed with making a den. He completely rearranged everything. Took rocks from all over the tank, shells with snails and hermits still in there, even a decoration of a turtle, and used them to build a den. Inky used to come right up to me or come out and chase me around the tank. Now, when Inky sees me looking in the little hole, he moves the rocks around to cover the opening or shoots sand out!

This one is so clever, that when I realized I could see him underneath the tank since he dug in the sand so deep, he started moving little bits of sand underneath him to create a thin layer to block my view! Is this nesting behavior!!? Is he a she!? Does this mean we are entering the senescence period? Inky hasn't eaten since as far as we can tell. Used to eat two crayfish a day. Our last Octopus was different species and more than likely male as he had classic senesence symptoms of males (sadly autophagy too).

It was hard watching the last one go. Brutal. We want to prepare ourselves. Does an infertile female actually lay eggs?? Will we have to deal with that when it happens? I haven't found a clear answer on that. We arent sure if eggs will be coming or not.

I just need some help on what to expect next. I appreciate any information given!! So grateful this site exists!!!! Thank you!!!
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I bought a tiny octopus sold as a dwarf pacific octopus a few months ago. I don't have very many pics of her as she's always in her little barnacle cave, but she is very small, her mantle is about 1.5 inches and her legs are very long and slender. She has laid fertilized eggs (about 50) which I found a few days ago and I'll attach some photos. They are the size of a grain of rice. Any help would be appreciated as I know small egg species are not known to be successfully reared. I've narrowed her down to either a joubini or a mercatoris, and I got her from a Northern California lfs is that helps.
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