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TONMOCON VII *DRAFT* Agenda Elements

General TONMOCON VII info here.


Roughly 8:30 - 5pm, with minor breaks & break for lunch
  • 40-45 mins per presenter; time slots TBD
  • Danna Staaf (@Danna), author, Squid Empire (abstract TBD)
  • Dr. Greg Barord...


It's been waaaay to long since I've journaled an octopus. But it's been a while since I've had one as awesome as Mazer. He's lived here since May, but it took him at least a month to warm up and come out a bit. He came from KP Aquatics, and is one hell of a character! Not sure if he's a briareus or joubini- I thought he'd be bigger by now if he's a briareus. Thoughts?

Major Forum Upgrade

Our regular visitors will notice that we've implemented a major software upgrade today!

Too many features to list right now (but have a look here if you're into it), and still much work to do. Please stand by while dust settles, and certain optimizations / restorations are made... but the forums are...

TONMO Newsletter - ISSUE #170 -- *2H 2017 UPDATE*

Our latest email Newsletter has been sent, and is pasted below. This newsletter goes to all registered TONMO members who have visited our site in the past 5 years, and have not opted out of receiving emails from the administrator. I try to send a newsletter once every quarter (3 months), but this latest one covers the last half of the year. You can change your contact preferences...
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