Plasma Tanks??? How do these work?


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I can't see how these work either. Maybe it's virtual fish and virtual filtration :confused: Also they'd be %#$@^ to clean!



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it says it's "elliptical" so I expect it's wider in the middle, and only narrow at the ends. I have no idea what it has to do with plasma, though; maybe they're just trying to make people think of plasma TVs or something (it doesn't seem much related to blood fluids or ionized gas). Shrug.


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Yes, it's thicker in the middle, but the amazing thing is that it's "suspended". The website speaks of filtration, but it's really hidden. And very expensive, of course!



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Weird tank that, cool thou in a unique kinda way

but would look a bit daft once youve got your auto topoff and god knows what else attached.

Reckon the glare off them lights would cost you a few quid in sunglasses for your guests aswell :lol:

Anyone any idea what filtration they use? Must be pretty fantastic!!!


I dunno...

None of the fish in all of the pictures look real. They all look either cut-and-pasted in, or just plain plastic. In addition, some of the pictures have way too many fish in them for the volume of water. They do mention being able to supply a vast amount of fresh and salt water fish species, + coral, but the practical limitations of such a tank make me sceptical. Theres only one picture with power heads and a pump included, and theres one picture of a saltwater tank with no gravel or power heads or pumps! Just fish, live rock, water, and lights.

The idea of suspended tanks is really cool, and the effect is definitely unique, but I'm not sure how real these things really are.

I dunno....


In one of the photos I can see a black pipe from the support leading into the tank, so perhaps the filtration is in the roof or something and the water is pumped through.

It is very odd that the contents of the tanks are fake, and the reflection on the floor is fake aswell.

At another look there is a small black unit unterneath one of the tanks in the gallery, possibly a filter?


Colossal Squid
Nancy sent me an email to make sure I caught this thread - thanks :)

That's about as daft a tank idea as I have ever seen. Certainly from a maintenance point of view as well as just day to day husbandry... and the price? Starting at just under 8 grand?!

I think it must just be designed for photo shoots or display houses i really cant see it ever being mainstream.

Also yeah, i agree that with the lights like that it would be a supernova in the house


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