what do you guys think?


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Im still out of work, so in the past year, I got rid of all my seahorse tanks, and when my octopus died, I didnt get another.
Mostly financial reasons.

Also availability on the octopus. I got one from tom in florida last year, and it lived for over 8 months and was real healthy.

I pretty much decided to give it a rest for a while
stored all my empty tanks.

So today Im in the local Korean giant supermarket.
They have a section of tanks maybe 150 gallons each . Tilapia, lobsters...

I see a tank with about 30 octopus. Maybe 2-1/2" - 3" head size.
Tentacles Im guessing maybe 12"

I couldnt believe it. I never see octopus even in the best fish stores.
I talked to the older korean guy who was cleaning the tanks. He said they get new ones in every friday.
I asked him if they sell that many , to need new ones every week?
He said they all die in a week. So they throw them out and get a new shipment every friday.

I couldnt believe it!
Plus guess the cost?
$14 each.

Im thinking about setting up anothe rtank to give anothe rone a shot. At that price...how bad can it go, and also...it bothers me that they all just starve to death.

They seemed pretty healthy and active. No cover ...just bare tanks.
What do you guys think? Worth a try.
I mean at the very worst...Im out only $14

I knew right away...they dont feed them!


Larger Pacific Striped Octopus
Another member has tried keeping octopuses found at the korean markets. I dont know that he was ever able to keep them for very long. I dont think octopuses starve after going a week with out food... they might but I am not sure. I would try though. But I am the "save the animal" person. Where are you located? Its very helpful to have that posted on your information so that people can help locate sources and offer advice on locating other things you may need help finding.


Pygmy Octopus
Well, I agree...who knows what shape they are in when the market gets them.
I just felt so bad...and also without a job...I felt...holy crap...I can get back into octo keeping !
i wish I had a couple hundred gallons free...I d rescue a bunch and then sell on the forum..

I think I going to to try a couple.
They are so intellegent and they are food?????????


Larger Pacific Striped Octopus
Everything is food to someone/some animal. I would personally never eat monkey brains but I dont have them crawling around my back yard either. Overseas in some countries monkey brains are a delicacy. Did you know that shrimp and lobsters are like the roaches of the ocean? 100 years ago NO WAY would somebody eat them... they eat poop! But then someone brought it to the right table and now a king crab costs like 40$ a lbs. When you live on an island and you have limited food sources you eat what you have... and like it. Sucks for the octopus though.


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They are so intellegent and they are food?????????
While its true they are very smart for a mollusk when compared to a chicken, cow or pig, they are not so smart. Pigs are very smart, and delicious. its just human nature when selecting food items intelligence is most often not a factor.


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Dave Lin was never able to get one to survive beyond about 2 weeks but I would certainly try it if I found (I have looked but not found live) a place that had them. You might want to read through the journal linked to his name for some possible hints and please do start a thread with your attempts.

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