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Discussion in 'Octopus Care' started by MDL1113, Sep 27, 2010.

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    Ok I have a few questions on Shipping Bimac or any Octopus in general. How is it done? I know that they should be shipped in a sturdy bag (or double bagged) with oxygen. What kind of oxygen? How much water do they need depending any given size. For example I would guess that a large one (3" mantle, 12" arms) would need at least two gallons? Can smaller octopus be shipped in a smaller volume of water? How much water per inch of mantle? Should a shipper not feed the octopus for two or three days, so that they will have time to excrete any recently eaten food, and have an empty digestive system for the trip. What all should be done for the safest delivery and what service is the cheapest and best to ship across North America overnight?

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