ok im tired of waiting , where are some more online vendoras for octopus


id liek to have a bimac, but ive been told since i have a 240 gallon aquarium i can have a vulgaris
but are they was intresting or as pretty as far as their color changes go

im just gettin so antsy , like today , im so bored I could be watching my octo , but no.

octopetst told me they could ship it out this past week , but i never got a shipping emaiul

they told me they had 300 more coming on , once they get old enough , lets hope everyone gets their octopus


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It's hard to find octos from a reliable LFS or online store. You'll just have to look around. Some people get them from their locals LFSs successfully.

If you order one, there is the risk it will be a different species (but at least you have a large tank!) and also the risk it will be near the end of its life.

I have the impression that Octopets took over most of the octopus business and that fewer wild caught octos are being offered now.



yeah i guess im going to have to be tuff and wait
its hard cause my tank looks so bare with nothing in it , and IM getting antsy about getting two octopuses

the petstore is goign to ask his supplier if he can get a bimac or vulgaris shipped to him next thursday for me ,

so we will see how it goes.

how many ocotpus hav eyou had nancy.
have you ever kept a vulgaris ?

are they a fun octo to keep to?

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