Octopus eggs for graduate student project


Larval Mass
Hello everyone,
I am a graduate student working on a cephalopod project. I was wondering if anyone knows of sources for octopus eggs. I need a species (such as Octopus vulgaris or Octopus bimaculatus) that has planktonic paralarvae (many small eggs). Any input would be very much appreciated. I can be reached at rwigt001@odu.edu


Staff member
Nice to see someone experimenting with the small egg species hatchlings. Hummelincki, joubini (be careful here though as most octopuses sold as O. joubini are O. mercatoris and are a large egg species) are two other Caribbean options and aculeatus (or any of the abdopus complex) from Indonesia would meet your criteria. Unfortunately, trying to find eggs or a brooding female is a by chance happening for most of our members. One member did have aculeatus some a month ago so check the Journals and Photos section for new entries every week or so.

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