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O. marginatus information?


Larval Mass
Mar 26, 2004
Hi--I've been trying to find information about Octopus marginatus behavior, and having a hard time. There are many articles about the nifty bipedal walking, but I'm not finding a lot of general stuff--feeding habits, color displays, life history, what they do when they aren't hiding in coconut shells or tiptoeing around.

Can anyone point me to a good source of information? Or point me towards a similar and better-known species?

Thanks! This is really just out of curiosity, not for pet care or for a research project. They're so...appealing.

(I hope this is in the right forum; I'm new here.)


Haliphron Atlanticus
Staff member
Mar 17, 2003
There isn't much. It is widely distributed throughout the Indian Ocean and western Pacific and generally is found on sand or much, usually shallow. (It is one of the species commonly eaten.) Foraging is crepuscular and they usually are found associated with shells or coconuts, although they can bury in sand. The easiest way to tell one is by the web color pattern (reminds me of the wing of a dragonfly) and the bluish white suckers.

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