Lawsuit against Christopher Ilitch this week


Haliphron Atlanticus
If you get caught with an octo on your way in to a game they will kick you out. So I doubt anyone "allowed" it to be thrown on the ice.


Colossal Squid
In Pittsburgh at the local fish market, you had to show ID in order to purchase octopus. They wanted to make sure you were a resident (and Penguins fan...).


O. vulgaris
There are no laws for cruelty to fish/invertebrates. Fish stores that only carry fish and corals do not even need a pet store license and are not inspected for the condition of their livestock. Why would you sue the Redwings unless they were the ones throwing the octopus on the ice. It sounds like the Redwings do what they can to eliminate the tradition but an avid fan will find a way to get an octopus through security. Seems like you are going after the money rather than the cause.

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