kashmir got a lobster breakfast today


Sepia elegans
well my blue spiny lobster was killed this morning by my oversized coral banded in my reef tank so i figured hey this little 1 inch tail would be a good meal for the octo... so into the tank it went... only to be devoured immediatly by the octo who was in the meantime eating a fiddler crab which was promply dropped when he smelled the lobster..

this could be bad i thought later to myself... damnit ive spoiled the octo!!! this things gonna cost more to feed than my girlfriend!!!


Colossal Squid
Now Kashmir has a taste for lobster...................oh dear will he eat mundane old crabs again?????????????



Hey, don't shoot the messenger !!!

And, not to worry, Octos are just as finicky when dining ( "I'd like the chicken salad, butthatisbreastmeatisntit?, with the dressing on the side,no,no, I said blue cheese,not rouquefourt") as human females, so the chances are, he/she will return to a regular diet with a zest !!! (lucky little devilfish though, can't blame it!)



Colossal Squid
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When one of my sons had a Bd we fed a leg to G2 and he also pounced on it and ate the whole thing....luckily he went back to crabs....

I'm refraining from comment on the other discussion going on here!!! :mrgreen:


Sepia elegans
erich orser said:
Just don't offer your octo mashed potatoes. Seriously.

Oh, and Greg, make sure your female counterpart (I LOVE talkin weird! :grin: ) doesn't read this thread, else you'll get THIS: :yelling:. (Stirrin up the $#!4 probably isn't right, but hey, I can't resist!)

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