going to elbow key bahamas for thanksgiving


Sepia elegans
well im off to the bahamas again for thanksgiving. im leaving out of daytona at 800 on thursday. and guess what! last time i was there this time of year i found lots of baby briarieus and midgets in the tide pools at night but i didnt have a camera... this time im armed with my nikon 7900! yeah. im also gonna try to maybe catch one and keep it in a little aquarium on the boat for a couple days! woohoo! ill bring lots of picts back to post so youll see me again sunday or monday!


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joefish84 said:
oh dont worry i will and ill bring so many pictures you will be able to say you went
Heh... sounds great! Looking forward to that -- have a great trip!


Sepia elegans
im sooooooo excited i leave for daytona at 2 tomm. morning! then the 800 flight be there fishing and snorkling by 1000 yeah!!!!! not too worried about kashmir though... i gave him the key to the freezer so he can get his own food and i put the remote in a ziplock and put it in the aquarium with him... told him to be good and dont catch the house on fire... i think hell be fine... i think...

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