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Wow, great to find not only a forum on cephs, but also a healthy Lovecraftian fanbase! I hit two birds with one stone here lol

My favourite Lovecraft story is At the mountains of madness. There are too many good ones to mention all of them, but that is my favourite.


Fav Lovecraft

The one that effected me the most was "Rats in the Walls" done as a radio play one New Years Eve, with the sound effects of the rats claws all the way through it. I was totally freaked and stayed up till dawn as I was so scared.

I used to make little knitted Cuthulus (sp?).



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Re: Fav Lovecraft

krin said:
I used to make little knitted Cuthulus (sp?).
For fans of Nyarlethotep, the Crawling Chaos, click here. :mrgreen:

My favorite H. P. Lovecraft is a tough call, there’s so much that’s just so very good. 8)
The stories of the Dreamlands probably resonate the most with me.

“Celephais” is one favorite.
Another is “The Strange High House in the Mist”, the opening to that one was pure poetry.

So, according to this page:


the top 5 Cthulhu-related stories to read are:

1. The Call of Cthulhu
2. The Shadow over Innsmouth
3. The Dunwich Horror
4. At the Mountains of Madness
5. Pickman's Model

I've made it through the first 3 so far, my favorite being The Shadow over Innsmouth. Man, what could be more frightenening than a bunch of smelly fish frogs in the night?

I also read The Rats in the Walls, and so far Call of Cthulhu has easily been my least favorite of Lovecraft's stories.

I should get to the Mountains of Madness and Pickman's Model tomorrow. Are there any other Cthulhu-related stories that are absolute essentials?


Hmmm..."the shadow out of time" has some good bits, although I think it is the silliest of his writings... "dreams in the witch house" is good too, as is "picture in the house".
I would heavily recommend reading some of the more modern stories also, the talents of King, Bloch, etc are stunning ! Del Rey books publishes some really great composites regarding Cthulhu...
Dunwich Horror or Case of Charles Dexter Ward
I like how Pickman is horror in Pickman's Model and comes back as fantasy sidekick in the DreamQuest

The only ones I actually found scary were Dreams in the Witchhouse and Shunned House. :cthulhu: They aren't even really very Mythos.

The best non-Lovecraft Mythos story has got to be "Black Man With a Horn".
Snafflehound said:
The only ones I actually found scary were Dreams in the Witchhouse and Shunned House. :cthulhu: They aren't even really very Mythos.
Fortunately these are both in the book with At the Mountains of Madness that I just picked up. I had to buy it because the only copy the UCSB Library had was one of the Lovecraft books in Special Ccollections that went missing 5 years ago. It seems that dead Cthulhu no longer waits dreaming in his house at Ryleh. He has risen and is continuing his evil ways by stealing library books.
Re: Favorite Lovecraft story

cthulhu77 said:
Or by any author, involving the mythos...
Have to say, I think "The Colour out of Space" is mine...
Really makes you wonder about that tap water doesn't it? I bet bottled water marketers would love that story!


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might as weigh in with my :twocents: ....

i guess Mts of Madness takes first for me.... i think Dunwich is a runner up......



Oh, that's diabolical. Next you'll ask me what my favorite WWII piston-engined fighter is.

Much as I love "Mountains of Madness,""Innsmouth" and "The Colour Out of Space," I must give pride of place to "The Whisperer In Darkness." Not his best, but my favorite.

Stay out of Vermont, folks.




I love "Dream Quest of Unknown Kaddath," and its sequel "Through the Gates of the Silver Key."

But then I also love "The Dreams in the Witch House" -- especially Gilman's dream where he sees the Old Ones.

I've had the same dreams too!


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My vote is the Mountains of Madness.

Also, the film Dagon isn't half bad. (Really has atmosphere - worst hotel in all of Europe in this film!)

Where did you find that illustration, Greg? It's not yours, is it?


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