Ziggy has passed away


Blue Ring
Ziggy as suffered the same fate as the other recent siblings.

Although a picky eater Ziggy was active and eating until Monday.

He stopped eating Monday, and began acting listless Tuesday.

He passed away last night between 5-6pm EST.

Water conditions = perfect
Temp = perfect
All other life forms in aquarium = fine, no signs of stress.

Food offered: small hermit crabs with shells broken at both ends ( for easy access), live baby clams (shells intact and shells broken), disabled shrimp, undisabled shrimp, freshly killed baby guppy, a few pieces of brine.

I examined the body with a lens. No parasites found, No cuts or odd markings.

So that is what about 4 or 5 specimens that have suffered Sudden Infant Octopus Death Syndrome?I can not help but think there is some correlation.

I am a fairly experienced marine/reef aquarist and I am not accustomed to failure and when I happens I have a hard time moving on without at least a hypothesis.


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Hi Barnstorm,

So sorry to hear of your loss. RIP Ziggy :angelpus:

Everything does sound fine. The food seems good. I guess I better go ask some experts.

Doesn't sound like there is anything you could have done - which doesn't make it any easier to lose your baby bimac.

My sympathy,



Colossal Squid
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I'm sorry!!! Rip Ziggy! It is never easy to loose one of these creatures as you get attached from the arrival! Hope you try again! I noticed you are from Ohio. Any access to That Pet Place in Lancastor? I have had much success with their octos, but also some of mine were from Octopets and lived full lives, so maybe there is something to this last batch.



Colossal Squid
rip ziggy.

Sorry to hear that. The problem is that in many marine organisms the bulk of the offspring will die. That is why the parents tend to overproduce. Very tough on us tho' :sad:



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I'm sorry to hear about Ziggy. :cry: Thanks for sharing him with us.

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