What did I buy?


I made an impulse buy on divers den and just acclimated him today. No idea what he is but he's pretty cool. Already seen some neat camo tricks.

For now all I've got is the liveaquaria photo. He also seems to have little horn looking things over his eyes.

I really want to know if he is nocturnal. So far both octos I've had have been. Not fun to only watch them under a red light.




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No ideas from the photo. Do you have the original link? Do you know its originating ocean? Do you see any eye spots (ocelli)?


This little guy is pretty awesome. I can't tell you how many times I've looked over every inch of the tank for him only to later realized he was on a rock right in front of me the whole time.

My first two octos were nocturnal and rather boring. Don't get me wrong they were cool but they'd stay hidden in the rocks 22 hours a day. And when they came out and I fed them they would immediately go back into the rocks. One I got from the liveaquaria stock and the other was from the divers den. They turnd out to be the same species. Of course I paid twice as much for the divers den one.

Anyway it's exciting to have an octopus that is out and about all the time.
Tomorrow I receive my new light fixture so ill finally have some daylight to get some good pics.

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