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Discussion in 'Octopus Care' started by joefish84, Jun 20, 2006.

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    i know they are native to the south east US where im from and i know they range all the way to florida but i have a question... i know that higher water temps mean they grow faster and life is shorter but for a vulg. how much would it affect them if the water temp was around
    78 F? im contemplating the vulgaris for my next octopus since for some reason it seems that every briarius i have tried has died shortly after acclimation to the tank and the last one i had (Ahab) which was not a bria. but an alecto i think lived just fine while a bria that i acclimated at the same time as her died shortly after acclimation(actually as soon as it went into the tank...:roll: ) anyway thought id try a vulgaris instead of a bria. since i seem to have really bad luck with the latter...
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    This is a good question. In fact, from what I can find out, vulgarises live in waters of varous temperatures around the globe. There's one around the Caribbean and in warmer waters (I don't know how warm the Florida waters are). I think one of those would be your best best for higher tank temperatures.

    However, I think you could rephrase this question and post it under Physiology and Biology, make it a quesiton about vulgaris and water temperatures, also about octo adaptabillity, and see whether one of our marine biologists will help out.


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