TONMOCON II: Working Agenda!!

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    Hey everybody! We are able to begin working our agenda for TONMOCON II in Sarasota, Florida, at Mote on June 23rd and 24th. This is a WORK IN PROGRESS, and needs to be vetted / approved with Mote and our presenters, but we do know this much: Dr. Steve O'Shea will be joining us and will be our "headline" speaker, addressing the topic of 'Giant Squids, Whales, Sex and Conservation'.

    Other plans are outlined below -- again, this needs confirmation, but as you can see this is definitely taking shape. Don't miss out!

    TONMOCON II Agenda

    Saturday, June 23rd

    All parties arrive in Sarasota, Florida.

    5pm: Meet-up at the Aquarium

    7pm: Dinner and drinks and revelry at [some undetermined place]

    Sunday, June 24th

    Breakfast -- on your own!

    8:15am: Sign-in at Mote, Socialize. Room/Suite # TBD

    9:00am: Introduction / update (Tony Morelli)

    9:30am: Octopus Care (Nancy King)

    10:10am: Cuttlefish Care (Richard Ross)

    10:50am: Break

    11:00am: [Placeholder for possible Mote presentation]

    11:40am: "Ceph Races" (Erich Orser moderates)

    12:10pm: LUNCH (on your own!)

    1:00pm: Skot Olsen Art Exhibit (Skot will be there!)

    1:30pm: Ceph Care/Industry Ethics Roundtable (Tony Morelli moderates)

    2:15pm: Cephs in Culture (Erich Orser)

    2:50pm: Break

    3:00pm: Giant Squids, Whales, Sex and Conservation (Dr. Steve O'Shea)

    4:00pm: Wrap-up / "other fun" / socialize and goodbyes

    4:45pm: Everybody out!
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    I think that its a great schedule. I might be able to attend, but I might be busy those two days, and the trip is probably a good 6 hours.

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