Squid Shoaling Behavior

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    Hello everyone,

    It has been a while since I have posted on this forum. I am currently reading a book on fish behavior. One chapter is on shoaling and individual fish choice regarding the shoal it joins. For example, fish tend to pick shoals with similar sized fish for dilution effect. They also select a larger shoal. Hungry fish behave differently; they pick smaller shoals with smaller fish for less competition. Sepioteuthis sepioidea is my favorite ceph, and I was just curious if anyone knew if they behaved in a similar fashion. I remember reading somewhere that squid (obviously not all squid) are somewhat convergent with ray-finned fish in terms of niche and behavior. Do you agree? Anyone have any good videos displaying this (preferably in S. sepioidea) ;)?
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    Actually, the majority of genus Loligo (if not all of the species belonging to Loligo) is known to shoal and/or congregate for sexual events (triggered by tide and season). Don't forget Humbolt Squid hunt in shoals or packs along with the amazing use of communication.
    Some species in Loligo

    Loligo vulgaris common squid
    Loligo opalescens market squid
    Loligo forbesi veined squid
    Loligo pealei long finned squid
    Loligo duvaucelii

    The species list spans for much more

    However, I have not heard of the behavior of the squid in relation to ray finned fish. Whats the tittle of the book btw? I'm curious...

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