Sepia officinales


Haliphron Atlanticus
How big of a tank should I go with for officinalis? Would 75 work for two?

Would it be reasonable to try officinalis with bandensis?

Same questions for pharaonis.
I would guess pharaonis would be better off in this situation due to the fact that it's a warmer water ceph and doesn't necessarily grow as long. In the off chance that I do keep either of these and they do outgrow the 75, I have a 100 gallon stock tank attached to the system that they can go into.


Colossal Squid
I would say at least 150 gallons for S. officinalis. They are more prone to butt-burn. I kept mine in a large circular tank (10 feet in diameter)... I think Colin has kept S. officinalis.

S. bandensis would be food for S. officinalis


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Sooo tempting if there really is one available but my 140 is a 3' tall pentagon and not really wide enough. I don't think I could catch Winchester (trigger), Harry (mandarin) and Harvey (banded coral shrimp that thinks he is King Kong) even if I considered trying but I let the idea flit through my head.

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