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    Database of Palaeozoic Ammonoidea

    GONIAT Online
    Paleozoic Ammonoid Database

    From Goniat:
    "designed as a tool for investigations of the Paleozoic ammonoids, their paleogeographic distribution, and their biostratigraphic range. The underlying database provides not only determinations based on morphological characteristics, but also information on occurrence, duration, literature, and phylogenetic relationships of every taxon of family, genus, and species levels."

    Both are about the same, but knowing Dieter, the top one is probably more up to date.
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    good info

    Thanks for the sources, I've added them to my on-line ammonoid references, although I may use GONIAT more.

    Paleozoic ammonoid classification seems to be in a constant limbo although newer perspectives may be closer to the mark. In the older classification in Part L of the Treatise, as you no boubt know, many families and superfamilies are either polyphyletic, possibily polyphyletic, or are without sure derivation. Hopefully new studies have or will straighten out this dilemma.

    Saunders, Work, and Nekoleva (2004 I believe) published an article, Evolution of Complexity in Paleozoic Ammonoid Sutures
    in Science mag. Classification with evolutionary sequences indicated is shown in Supplementary Material; ; the article absract in

    So on with it


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