Ammonoid Paleobiology: From anatomy to ecology

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    Abstracts from Volume 43, 2015 (subscription)

    Soft Part Anatomy of Ammonoids: Reconstructing the Animal Based on Exceptionally Preserved Specimens and Actualistic Comparisons
    Christian Klug, Jens Lehmann pp 507-529

    The Body Chamber Length Variations and Muscle and Mantle Attachments in Ammonoids
    Larisa A. Doguzhaeva, Royal H. Mapes pp 545-584
    The Additional External Shell Layers Indicative of “Endocochleate Experiments” in Some Ammonoids
    Larisa A. Doguzhaeva, Harry Mutvei pp 585-609

    Ammonoid Locomotion
    Carole Naglik, Amane Tajika, John Chamberlain, Christian Klug pp 649-688

    Ammonoid Buoyancy
    René Hoffmann, Robert Lemanis, Carole Naglik, Christian Klug pp 649-688

    Isotope Signature of Ammonoid Shells
    Kazuyoshi Moriya pp 793-836
    Parasites of Ammonoids
    Kenneth De Baets, Helmut Keupp, Christian Klug pp 837-875

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