Obtaining Cuttlefish (Very good experience through school READ)

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    Hi my name is Lysa. I currently go to a Vocational Regional High School on the east coast of the United States. I know most of you are reading this and going uhh a stupid child. Well my school deals with tons of aquaculture and we raise tons of marine and freshwater animals, as well as we have established our own algae lab. I am currently a Senior and recently had visited Roger Williams University and was impressed with their Cuttlefish studies. My partner and I now are trying to do the same. Obtaining Cuttlefish is what we need help with. We have advanced systems so please don't think that we are just children trying to play with these cool animals. We plan on studying them, currently in the process of typing out an experimental plan, and presenting it to the Aquaculture convention in Milford, CT. Please if anyone knows where we can obtain Cuttlefish, or their eggs please contact me ASAP. :smile:
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    I'm sure we can help you with what you need. I'm going to drop a message to Thales, Richard Ross, who is one of our resident cuttle experts. I believe he has worked with other educational institutions in the past and has helped to get them eggs.
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    I may be able to help you, but not until november. Please contact me at rross@calacademy.org in November.

    Thanks and good luck!

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