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Larval Mass
Hi there guys,
Just wondering... Octopus are cannibals right? So, when is the right time to put the other partner into my existing octopus tank?
Will they breed? How to compare male & female?


Haliphron Atlanticus
:welcome: TQ!!

What kind of octo do you have, and how old?

Octo are infact known to be cannibals.

The male has a modified arm, called a Hectocotylus, it is generally the third right arm. They use this to transfer sperm to the female.

As far as breeding I have never done it so perhaps someone else has had experience. But certain femals of octo can carry sperm until they are ready to fertilize their eggs. Breeding, and carring for their eggs, are usually the last things your octo will do in their life.

GL to you and hopefully someone with breeding experience can chime in!


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:welcome: to TONMO, Chawpin!
I think a female octo can carry eggs with her and not lay them until the end of her life or something like that. What type of octo do you have? Is it wild caught or captive bred?


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Re: Blue fellow

chawpin said:
Thanks fellows,
i think it is a blue ring octopy, about 2 inches ~
It sounds like an adult if that's the mantle length, it may go in to senscence soon and lay eggs if it's a female......

Be careful with the little guy. :bluering:


Larval Mass

Cool ~ Heard alot of negative issue on blue ring due to it's reputation. But it is really a cool guy!! especially it's pattern & when it perform it's colour changing! One of the good thing is.. this species never escape out of my tank even i dont have any cover on it.
If it's a female, means it need a male in order to breed or she still can lay eggs but wouldnt hatch?
Thanks for your concern Nick!!!! :wink:

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