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Live coral with octopus


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Sep 4, 2006
Gainesville, GA
Here is a list of links that you should find helpful Generally speaking you need to avoid high stinging animals and animals that will not survive being frequently touched (octopuses do not tend to go around objects in their path). Mushrooms and gorgonians (places out of a main pathway) are typically safe. Very few polyps or hard corals work.

Squid are not a home aquarium animal as their need for space usually exceeds what we can provide. They are pelagic (mostly) so corals are not a typical concern.

Cuttlefish, somewhat like squid, are considered pelagic and can be housed with many corals but you still want to keep the stinging potency to a minimum. If you plan on trying to raise them from egg, I recommend against any aggressive corals in the nursery.

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