just cant weight?


no thats not a typo in my title. this is a question about my tank stand. i bought them together (tank/stand) but im wondering if my stand can support all the weight of my tank. its a 37 gallon. the stand is 30 x 12 and its made of pine, i think its made by perfecto or AGA. anyway im planning to have at least 45lbs of live rock, plus i have a 10 gal sump underneath the display tank. im getting ready to fill it up but im worried about it being too heavy. i figure the stand would have to hold at least 500lbs safely (37 gal full of h20 is 415, 45 LR, about 6 gal h20 in the sump) anyone know if this is ok or if they have the same setup? should I reinforce it? and if so how?


Colossal Squid
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You should be fine. I dont know anyone that bought their tank and stand together and then had a problem. When they build those stands they know people will use live rock and sumps so they make it strong enough to support both.

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