Humboldt Squid in BC

Heather Braid

O. vulgaris
I was wondering if anyone has information about Humboldt squid off the coast of BC. I've read about them and found that they have only appeared there in the past few years. I want to catch several of them and look at their stomach contents to try to figure out what they are eating. The problem is that I know nothing about how to find someone to help me catch them, what months of the year people fish for them, how much it would cost to buy one, or even if there is some kind of ID key that I can use to properly identify one.

Any help would be great!


Humboldt squid are extremely rare off the coast of BC. Yes, they have been a FEW caught in recent years but these are anomalies and not the norm. The furthest north I know of reasonably stable population of humboldts is Eel River, CA. Any farther north they are likely vagrants pushing north during warm years or years that the oxygen minimum layer extends unusually far north.


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If you work this out, be sure to get video for the next TONMOCON! Even if you have it shipped, video the arrival! Good luck acquiring a whole one though. I understand the vids correctly, the fishermen do not even keep the part you want (unlike the smaller ones where the whole squid is brought to the market).

Heather Braid

O. vulgaris
Thanks for the heads up Taollan! It's best if I can figure out what's in the oceans now rather than showing up and not finding anything.

dwhatley, I will take a video for sure if I can somehow work out getting squid. I can't wait until the next TONMOCON!

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