Larval Mass
Howdy Everyone,

I am new to the site, aswell as the strange new world of cephlopods. I am about to try to raise my first octopus. I live in a building where the only pets allowed are water born. Instead of a boring goldfish with no personality, I plan on raising an octopus.
Also since I live in Korea, baby octopuses are not hard to come across, in restaurants. I plan on saving one from being eaten alive. I will post pics of the type of octopus for identification so I can better accomidate him/her.
Thank you all for your time.


O. bimaculoides
:welcome: I think that's very nice of you to save those baby octopuses and 'adopting' them!
I'm not an expert on ceph identifications but there are quite a lot of experts around on this site, so all your questions will be answered in good time!


Colossal Squid
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:welcome: to TONMO! For inspiration, you might want to check out Chrono's "Eric's Market Adventures" thread, since he also rescues cephs from Asian markets occasionally (although he usually releases them)

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