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Hello... Im new here and bring sad news


Pygmy Octopus
Mar 24, 2010
about a year and 2 months ago i went to a beach out in San Pedro California and was digging around. I found a bottle with some mud in it and poured out the muddy water on the sand. Inside this bottle was a very very tiny bimac octo ("2 Spot" the wrapping octopus). I already owned a reef tank so i decided to bring him home and try and care for the little guy. I did some research and set up a small tank under my 240g display (240 at the time, currently running a 300g). slowly acclimated his temps and slowly lowered the temps to my reef display (ended up around 75-76 degrees stressing the reef fish a bit). after about a month i released him into my display. Yes he sometimes ate a fish or 2 but he was with me for about a year and 2 months or so. He had recently died about 3-4 weeks ago. here are a few pics of 2 Spot.

I am now in the market for another octo. This time i decided to do it with careful research to make sure i can provide the best possible living situation possible for the new ceph. Well... just wanted to say hi... so..... "hi"


Staff member
Sep 4, 2006
Gainesville, GA
Weclome to TONMO. The recommended temp for a bimac is lower than your prior target and it is thought that higher temperatures will shorten their lifespan but a year and two month is an appropriately long time to be considered a natural lifespan even for a bimac (bimacs are thought to live longer than most of the others commonly kept in a home aquarium).

To get started:
Care articles can be found under the heading Articles on the front page.

Two of our staff members (Nancy King and Colin Dunlop) have written a book to assist the cephalopod keeper, Cephalopods Octopuses and Cuttlefishes for the Home Aquarium.

You can search for journals on the various species by looking throught the Lists of Our Octopuses (2008, 2009, 2010) Stickies posted at the top of the Forums->Journals and Photos section.


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Nov 20, 2002
Dallas Texas
welcome to TONMO.com!:welcome:

You did very well with your bimac, keeping him for 14 months. I'm sure you grew attached to him. Thanks for posting the photos, and sorry for your loss.

A number of Tonmo bimacs have been kept at this temperature, and survived for a year or more.
Although the ocean water bimacs live in is a lower temperature, they sometimes are found in tidepools and may be subject to even higher water temperatures in summer. One of the reasons they are popular to keep (in addition to being friendly) is their hardiness and adaptability.

I think you'd like our book, not only for the information, but for the many bimac photos.

It's difficult to find bimacs for sale now. No one is raising them from eggs, which was formerely the case. However, we still have a few people who, like you, find their own bimacs.

Good luck with your next octo! I hope you will keep a journal here on Tonmo.



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Mar 8, 2004
:welcome: to TONMO, and sorry to hear about your loss (although over a year is a great lifespan for a bimac)

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