Greetings from Arizona


Larval Mass

Been a follower of the TONMO facebook page for quite some time and decided to dive in an join my fellow cephalopod enthusiasts here. I'm an artist and these fellas are prevalent subjects in my work ( I believe the closest "natural site" to see cephalopods would be the sea of Cortez down in Mexico. I suppose I could put one of those Humboldt Squids in my neighbors pool … but, then again, they might frown upon that. ;)

– Lee


Larval Mass
Welcome!! Where in Arizona? I grew up in Phoenix. Definitely miss it!

Hi Greg, I'm also in the Phoenix area! Been here about 8 years. As you know the weather is the best right now. Also, not sure the last time you visited but we have a Sea Life aquarium here. It's no Monterrey bay aquarium, but it's much closer. ;)


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I love having new artists join! Objectify immediately took me mentally into a suggested new series. Not sure of a good single word title but the immediate thought was how 8 flexible arms would be better than two arms and hands (Armed advantage?):grin:

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