Diving Monterey Bay on Sunday


Larval Mass
Hi All,

I will be scuba diving in Monterey Bay (well, off shore from Carmel) and I wondered, since you held TONOMOCON III in Monterey if there were any Ceph species I should keep an eye out for. Having interacted with an octopus while diving before, I can tell you that it beats watching or playing with them in a tank--unless of course they decide that you are food or something like that diver who was attacked in the YouTube video!


Colossal Squid
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Have a great time! The only times I've seen an octo in California was a twilight dive.


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If you go north a bit :wink: Seattle has GPO's that are supposed to be relatively easy to find (if you know the right locals). Keeping warm, however, requires a dry suit.


O. bimaculoides
Bimacs don't get this far north (unfortunately!). I have friends who claim they can't move for rubescens during night dives in the bay (but that might fall into the same category as "it was THIS big" for anglers). Good luck, and if you get any pictures maybe you could post them?

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