cuttlefish for loving home


Pygmy Octopus
Well the horrible truth is setting in and it's time for me to leave Washington. So i have a female dwarf cuttlefish named Zoidberg, she is in good health and loves live crab. It hurts me in a way i can't describe to let her go but I'm moving to Hawaii and can't take her with me, so I'm looking for someone in the Bremerton to Seattle, Washington area that can give her a good loving home. i don't want to sell her i just want to know that she will be happy and well taken care of. She has started laying eggs so she is ready to mate if your interested in breeding. When i got her she was around 2 inches long and she is now a good 2 1/2 to 3 inches long. I will be leaving around the beginning of March so that would be around the delivery/ pickup time. if your in the area and interested please let me know.

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