Cthulhu on Venture Brothers next Sunday


It appears as though Cthulhu (or something based upon him) will be making a cameo on Venture Brothers on Cartoon Network's [adult_swim]. I'll be next Sunday at midnight eastern. The show can be fairly obtuse at times and I don't really know if he'll make a 30 second appearance or be central to the plot.

If any of you are wondering, Venture Brothers is a show that pokes fun at the "boy adventurer" genre of cartoon from years past. Johnny Quest is actually a character that makes occasional appearance. It can be kind of raunchy and violent at times in the same vein as Family Guy. It's an interesting show and I figured you guys might be interested in seeing what happens.

Here's a screenshot from the preview for the episode:



What a great show!
As I think back, I can't remember another animated show in which the characters changed as the seasons went on (as opposed to Bart and Lisa Simpson who have been in elementary school for 20 years). I'm a huge fan of cartoons...

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