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Larval Mass
OK! I am setting up an octo tank (40 gallon) I do have saltwater experience, a fab 28 gallon nano reef tank. I just set the 40 gallon up yesterday with live rock/sand and a fluval 305. I know I have to wait 3 months or more. My question is what kind of octo should I be looking to add? And where is my best source for purchase?
I am sorry if I am posting in the wrong spot, and any help would be greatly appreciated!!


Haliphron Atlanticus
With a 40 gallon you could get an aculeatus and you can get them from I would choose aculeatus for your first octo because they are diurnal and very social. The only down side is you will probably live 3-4 months, but octos only live about 1 year. I am not positive about this one but you could get maybe 3 or 4 mercs(dont know how to spell the whole name). They are nocturnal and all the people on tonmo has never gotten any of them to adapt to light.


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:welcome: to TONMO! I'm sure others will chime in, but I'd also recommend reading the journals of other octo-keepers.

Ryan Smith

Im getting an aculeatus for my 40. I would pick 1 aculeatus over 2-3 mercs. I want an interactive octo over many uninteractive. Although octos are just great in general, whats the difference between a cool fish and an uniteractive octo (metaphoricaly). I think interactive octos are like a mix between a fish and a dog or cat. (again not literaly). So anyway I would reccomend aculeatus. Oh and by the way, Welcome :D


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One way to get a little exposure to the different species is to look through the journals. If you will visit FORUMS->Journals and Photos, then List of our Octopuses, 2008 -2010, the species are listed and attached to a journal link for that specific animal.

Ryan Smith

Yes, the journals are a good way to see typical behavior. Just rember, the journals dont show time, so a journal with 15 posts doesnt mean the octo died after 15 days. It could have lived a year and a half or 1 day.

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