Where to get cheap hawaiin bobtail squid


Sepia elegans
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It would be pretty difficult to obtain one since they are only found in Hawaii and aren't available on the market. The NRCC has them, but only will sell them for educational purposes. Plus they don't make that great of pets, they're nocturnal and only live for 3-11 months and about 90% of the time they'll be buried under the sand.


I have seen they once on the market and where going for $200 each and where marked as cuttlefish. I fell sorry for the person who purchased them, because they probably lived about a month or two before they died.


Larval Mass
Well thanks for the response. I was looking for them for eduaction purposes for RWU college and seeing if i could come up with a better deal than they were getting supplied with to study.


Sepia elegans
Actually, if octomush is still around here somewhere, you might ask him... :?

BTW, the sepiolid your thinking of only live 3-8 months from egg...

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