When did your octopus start anticipating food regularly


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Sep 4, 2006
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I have mentioned a few things about how I view octopus acclimation but timing has been gut feel without recorded dates. I've kept enough animals now that I feel the need to try to be more specific. The timings I would like to start keeping are guestimated as follows:

Acclimation time to feel comfortable the animal will not die from the transport or other stresses: 2 weeks
Acclimation time to accepting the tank environment: 1 month.

The first has obvious criteria. The second is harder to quantify. My gut feel is that animal actions and reactions during the first two week are unrelated to what will follow and that only after a month behavior patterns start to emerge. One of the qualifying behaviors where group feed back might be helpful is noting the point the animal is waiting to be fed on a schedule. The goal is to note the behavior in the animal's journal and if it becomes consistent (every feeding time for a week), add the timing to the poll. Because I feel the first two weeks are exceptions to the rule, I would like to exclude that period but feel free to make notes if you see something that negates this thinking.


Sep 18, 2013
I am new to octopus keeping, though I have had more pets then anyone else I know other than a few zookeeper friends. I still am quite a bit scared. I have had salty reef tanks for over ten years and have been able to keep clams and corals w/o a problem I am highly emotional and stressed w/ my little octopod. He/she is the violist thing I have ever attempted to keep, making my dog jealous and just above, my girl, Jimmy, a bearded dragon originally named Damian because he always bite my friends little bro. Now a Sargent at a police dept. I thought she was a he, thus Jimmy, then found out the truth. I learned etc. that he had been feeding her only vegetable's for an extended period of time and would occasionally feed her live food so I gave her veggies/live large crickets. After a week of this, the terror Damian was sitting on my lap/shoulder and peering like a docile house cat. And thus became my best friend/pet over the next 7 years. I hope my octo. Is the same way acclimation went ok, she did curl up in a ball and get dark though, I dumped the majority of The water and she swam freely without water out of the container and into the change so I'm around for men and then grab them to the back of a rock and stay there for the night moving slightly from side to side it appears as though she a few crabs and I fed her him A crayfish the next day and took it willingly and eight for the last week or so she is been somewhere around but doesn't seem to be fitting him or finding it to be home I'm not sure if I need to add things to make it more suitable for her or if she is fine and this is normal. I am going to try and add things to the tank but if you have any ideas that might make her transition easier please let me know.

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