Whats in your tank?


Larval Mass
I'm getting a 100g tank in the next week so the full on planning has begun.
I have been scanning through everyone's photos of their tanks checking out what they have with their octopus. I have seen/heard about some corals, such as xenia and mushrooms, food grade pvc pipe, starfish, snails/crabs for food and cleanup and then of course live rock sand. What else do you have in your tank?

Brock Fluharty

Haliphron Atlanticus
I don't have an octopus at the moment, but when I did I had some live rock, macros, and some baby toys in with her. I had lego people, and some crazy baby toys that I can't even describe.


I've got a 125, and the only tankmate with my octo is a green brittle star. I have a good bit of xenian and some polyps. The only thing my octo hasn't killed is a small decorator crab which hides in a hole one of the live rock.


Staff member
If Karl is hungry because of the reduced portions, the decorator might not stay hidden well enough. Octane would leave the live shrimp (the large eating kind) alone for a week or so and then it would disappear when he decided it would be tastey. My granddaughter was very unhappy that the shrimp was supposed to be food for the octopus since she found it interesting in its own right.

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