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Im seriously considering keeping my first Octopus however have no marine experience. I have been doing a lot of research and speaking to a local marine specialist who has kept them him self and feel that I could easily manage the task ahead however, here in the UK I have only come across two breeds The Blue Ringed and the Vulgaris.

I will not be buying a Blue Ringed due to obvious reasons so that leaves the Vulgaris however the size of tank is troubling me. The specialist says that a 50 gallon would house it fine however what ever I have read it says 100 minimum.

What would everyone on here recommend?




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I have to wonder about the specialist's recommendation. Even for a lab environment with the tank plumbed to a very large water supply a 50 gallon aquarium would be very small for a vulgaris. They get larger (in bulk but not much more in arm length) than the briareus we typically keep as our larger octo in the states. Even A 100 gallon tank would be considered small and very limiting for movement but doable. Half again that size would be much better and even then I would recommend a nicely sized sump to keep up with the waste of these heafty eaters.


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There's an article (Click on Ceph Care articles on the home page) by Jason Scott on Keeping an Octopus, which happens to be a vulgaris. Jason is in the UK. This is an early article and much more information is now available on octopus keeping, but it might be interesting for you to look at.

D is right about the tank size.


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