Vacation and Cuttlefish


Hey, I am going on vacation this thursday and I'll be arriving home on sunday. Will they make it if I feed them a ton on thursday right before I leave and then feed them directly when I get home on sunday. (essentially skipping 2 days)
Whats your guys opinion? Flood feed?
thanks a lot

Animal Mother

Yeah I would make sure there's enough live things running around in the tank to keep them occupied while you're gone. A guy in Dallas that had a few babies left on vacation and came home to one big fat one.


cuttlefishguy;119600 said:
What are you currently feeding them now?
shore shrimp with some ghost shrimp thrown in their as treats

thanks thales, I ended up feeding a ton of ghost shrimp (untill tey wouldnt eat anymore) and then I flood fed them.

Animal mother,
lol well i pray that that doesn't happen to me :roflmao:

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