type of octopus?


Larval Mass

this is my first time on here. yay!

I was wondering in everyone's opinion what kind of octopus is the best to get. Also what size of tank that specific breed needs and the water temp.

I've been looking at different ones and not sure which one would be suitable.

Any input is well welcomed.

thank you!


Haliphron Atlanticus
I would take best to mean most sociable and out in the open when people are out in the open. For that, you apparently can't beat a bimac, however they haven't been around recently. Otherwise, I would suggest hummelincki or aculeatus. All of these guys need at least a 55, however that's such a crapy, annoying to work with size that I would suggest going with a 65 or 75. If you go to a 75 you might want to think about briareus which are very beautiful, but I don't know too much about sociability, etc. I'll let the experienced keepers chime in there.

Oh yeah and :welcome:


Larval Mass
thanks for the input.

sorry should've been more specific lol.

i was thinking sociability and aggressiveness. i have a 83 gal. it wouldn't be in with anything else it would just be by itself.

I have seen alot of Bimacs and keep going back to that one. but then i hear about the blue spot. is that of the same breed?


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The blue ring is one of two known toxic octpuses. It is tiny, shy, does not show its rings unless annoyed and packs a poison that is deadly unless someone can keep you alive until they get you on a ventilator. You could not safely clean the 83 and would never see it. If you look in the exotics forum (you will need to be signed in to see the thread) there are several discussions there.

Your aquarium size will host the most commonly kept octopuses without water or space issues. If you do not have a chiller and cannot keep the tank below 72 degrees, then you will have better luck with an Atlantic or Caribbean octo than with a Pacific species. One of your best options to help form an opinion of which aquarium hostable octo suits your personality is to read through the journals of current and past keepers.

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