two years ago i first logged in here because i was writing octobook(s) for kids...


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... and the first one has finally been published! thanks to tonmo-inhabitants who provided me with wonderful accurate information. it took a very long time because the publishing house was really slow, but it is a shiny, beautifully illustrated small book for 10-11 year olds. I hereby thank you all again, and especially olaf who took it upon him to correct me when i was slightly (!) wrong about some facts. I had a lot of fun, discovering the octopus btw. when number 2 sees the daylight (which is going to be fiction), i'll let you know for sure.



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If it gets translated into English, don't forget to tell us! Even though I cannot read a word of Dutch, it would still be fun to see it on-line if the publisher offers it.


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What is the name and who publishes it? I've found that I can slowly and laboriously understand some Dutch by sounding it out and finding correlations to pronunciations in
English and German.


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I am sending one over to Olaf

I hope to send a copy over to Olaf as soon as i can get hold of his adress, it is part of a series for school children by a publisher called "die keure" in Belgium

Perhaps Olaf will be delighted to share it with all of you and read it to you in translation?

This is the link to some of the cartoons in the book:

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