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TGIF Bonus: Cuttlefish Eats Octopus - Deep-Sea News


Robotic Staff
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Robotic Staff
Oct 15, 2005

TGIF Bonus: Cuttlefish Eats Octopus
[SIZE=-1]Deep-Sea News, NC[/SIZE]
[SIZE=-1]Great video, octopus got distracted by the diver and paid the price, too bad it wasn’ta much bigger cuttle that ate the diver instead. Poor octo never stood a chance. Seriously though it is also interesting to see the small octo shoot that spanner ...[/SIZE]



Mar 9, 2009
Interestingly enough, I know why that appeared in google news today even though it is an old video. There is even another thread on tonmo relating to it. I posted it to reddit.com yesterday from a octopus video blog I started and it hit the front page. They saw it there and posted it. Check out the times on the posts! Mine was first!

Anyway, that video reminds me of the movie Independence Day for some reason.

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