[Tattoo]: Melbe's Octopus, Roxy


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Long-time TONMO.com member Melbe has shared a picture of the octopus tattoo (named Roxy) she has on the small of her back. Very cool! Thanks for sharing; it makes a fine addition to our Tattoo Gallery... which, by the way, was Melbe's idea!

Click the image below to enlarge:



Colossal Squid
is that inner or outer back...if its inner shes done some good word on her erectors.... personally, ive debated several time with the idea, but i can tell you this, if i do get one, it wont be as realistic....kinda more cartoonish with an edge....like a malevolent, non-sexual nose art you could imagine seeing on a plane or a military patch..... i do have to say....the tatoo parlor is coming along quite nicely.... its good to see so many cephalopodaphiles.....

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