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Well, I always seem to have questions!! Love this site!!!

Last night, Hermin was chowing down on a fiddler crab, and got all squigley, he had all his arms moving on his body. I've seen this before in other ones I've owned. Kind of like he's cleaning himself, or has a massive itch???? Is this normal behavior??

Checked my water and there's no sign of ammonia, but did replace the carbon acouple days ago. Have water sitting for a water change, today.



Colossal Squid
LOL :lol:

Dunno why it decide to do it during dinner time but that commonly happens when they are cleaning themselves... Possibly removing sucker covers???

I probably see this every week or two... as far as i can tell this isnt a sign of bad water quality either.

keep asking!!!!!!!!!!!

C :)


O. bimaculoides
I think this cleaning may be related to water quality. Just maybe a parameter that is not easily checked. Saltwater is very complex mix of elements. My bimac that is in a basic aquarium with just live rock and a large skimmer cleans itself several times a week. I have much larger vulgaris in another aquarium fitted with just about everything, ozonizer, UV, chiller etc where the water is changed twice a week. I have only ever witnessed this clean itself once in 7 months. This Octopus also sheds sucker discs frequently
Provided your Octopus is not cleaning itself constantly and acting normally I would not worry.

J Scott


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Sounds like normal cleaning behavior to me. I#ve observed a number of species do this.

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