Squid Related Deaths and Rotten Squid Gas -read all about it


Blue Ring
Rotten squid gas may have killed 3 crewmembers on ill-fated ship

HAMADA, Shimane -- Three crewmembers found dead on a South Korean freighter that washed ashore in Shimane Prefecture on Sunday may have died after inhaling toxic gas generated from rotten squid organs, local Japan Coast Guard (JCG) officials said.

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Ahum... yeeeessss, -rotten squid gas- alrighty then. What will they think of next?


Colossal Squid
thom said:
speaking of vengeance, I saw a documentary, and it was suggested that the humboldt has killed a human before... is this true?
:yuck: to the squid gas one in fact :yuck::yuck::yuck::yuck::yuck::yuck::yuck::yuck::yuck::yuck::yuck::yuck::yuck::yuck::yuck::yuck::yuck:

As for the Humbolt haven't heard that one :shock: I know they've attacked divers but I hadn't heard they'd actually killed one....still if you're gonna get in the water with a bunch of very large, very hungry predators who swim better than you do, ya may be asking for trouble!



joel_ang said:
I only know that one researcher was attacked by a humboldt. I can't remember if it was on film.
There was some documentray on Channel 4 (and pos. Discovery) with some title like "Giant Squid Attack" about a researcher diving off Baha and the squid did indeed attack. I suspect its already been discussed here before but if not I can probably track the details down.


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