Specific Species in America?

Discussion in 'Sources for Cephalopods and Food' started by Nate Dawg, Oct 9, 2010.

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    I live in Midwestern US. All the stores I have found in America only sell a generic octopus (besides one seller who sells mimic octopuses and blue ring octopuses).
    I am looking for anyone who sells specific species of octopus or cuttlefish in America. Preferably species that get 10 inches (25 centimeters).
    Actually, I am more looking for something maybe 2-2.5 feet arm span.
    Are there any people in Europe who ship to the US?
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    Well they are selling different species, they just don't know it. The problem is Distributors and suppliers dont know what species they have so people just call them "Common Octopus" but there is no such thing.

    When you say you want one that is 10 inches, what do you mean? length of he whole octopus, arm spread, mantle length. Single arm length?

    10 inches is pretty small if we are talking spread, That pretty much leaves you with only one, the nocturnal O.mercatoris.

    The only cuttle fish that is available in America in the S.bandensis, or dwarf cuttle fish..
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    there are several species available, but almost no retailers have invested much effort in correctly identifying specific ones. so, you can order online, but typically, you have to make your own best guess about what you're ordering based on what the seller can tell you about the animals origin. its a total crapshoot.

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